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Hi, I’m Ginnette Brookes, a dance teacher with more than 20 years experience, lets get moving


Strictly Dance Exercise

Exercise with added sparkle

This fun class will combine the need to exercise with a splash of Strictly Sparkle too!
Each class starts with general conditioning exercises, we isolate and warm up each part of the body to ensure they are fully ready to move and to relieve the stresses and strains of day to day life. I build the class from steady warming isolations, moving on to stretches to wake up the muscles in the legs, arms and back then I pick up the pace and step in to cardio based moves to get that heart
pumping the body moving. All this based to a fantastic soundtrack of modern or themed music from different decades.
When you are fully warmed up we move on to the dance section, I will teach the basic steps of a particular dance style, this could be Salsa, Charleston, jive, Cha Cha, Bhangra or maybe one of the other Strictly dance styles. My approach to teaching is inclusive and ensuring that everyone in the class has the opportunity to learn the steps at their own pace.
The conclusion of the class is when I put together a few steps of the dance style in a fun way and create a short routine – yes its really time to dance then !!!
This will get you moving and enjoying the freedom of dancing the steps you have learnt – what better way to feel like a Strictly Star , taking the dances you love to watch and putting them in to practice. I will always end the class by going through a slow warm down to ensure that your muscles are safely relaxed.
Please bring water to keep hydrated and wear comfortable dance or exercise wear. Trainers, Jazz shoes or dance sneakers are ideal for this class.

Details coming soon

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    Ginnette makes all of the moves really easy to understand, I feel fitter, I have lost weight and I’ve made friends, can’t recommend highly enough!


    I wasn’t sure that dance classes were for me, but I was encouraged to go by a friend and I needn’t have worried, thoroughly enjoyable and although there are a range of abilities, you can go at your own pace, which is good for me!


    Buzzing, just buzzing, thank you Ginnette, I will recommend you to all of my friends, can’t wait to come back and see you again next week, keep dancing!


    “Ginnette is an amazing teacher, I was a complete newbie to dancing, but now I can’t live without it!.”

    “Ginnette is an amazing teacher, I was a complete newbie to dancing, but now I can’t live without it!.”

    Join us now and improve your physical and mental wellbeing, make new friends, laugh and raise your spirts, the power of dance cannot be overstated. Enjoy!