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Hi, I’m Ginnette Brookes, a dance teacher with more than 20 years experience, lets get moving


Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked lots of questions, so we have collated the answers to our most asked here

Try not to be! You clearly already have the desire to dance and of course it can be worrying the first time you join a group but you can be assured of a warm welcome, the chance to work at your own pace in the space you choose (yes hiding on the back line is absolutely ok!) and I always have time for a quick chat after class for any concerns. Don’t let your worries stand in the way of you doing something you have always wanted to.

Because you want to!!!
Dance fitness can be one of the most rewarding forms of exercise. It brings with it a joy that I would defy you to find with any other form. It is a fact that when you dance you release those feel good endorphins that improve your mood and well being. Physically, dance has incredible long term health benefits – it improves balance, coordination, muscle tone and cardio fitness. It can improve posture and stance and the socialisation benefits support good mental health.
Really – there are are enough reasons there to sign up to your first class.

I have all levels and ranges of fitness in my classes. The desire to do will be your driving force, if your fitness is not where you would like it to be or where it should be then this is step 1 to changing that. I will always suggest that you take the class at a pace that you feel comfortable with and that you gradually build. I would always recommend that alongside your classes you make lifestyle choices in food and daily living to support the changes you want to make.
All classes will have to wait outside the hall and be let in by myself together, I would ask that everyone respects others personal space and retain a sense of distance whilst waiting.
As I let everyone in there will no longer be a requirement to wear a mask on entry but if you feel more comfortable doing so then please do. I will still take temperatures at the door. Please use the hand sanitiser on entry.

In the hall please keep possessions to the minimum and on your own chair. All the rooms that I use are able to be ventilated in accordance with previous guidelines and in line with age and type of building – I will continue to follow these practices.
On registration for the classes I will ask you for mobile and email details and should a member of the group test positive for Covid within 24 hours of attending the class and inform me then I will contact all attendees.
If you have any concerns please email me and I will try to address them.

There will be never be more than 25 in the classes, this is much less than the room capacity and is the maximum number that I feel gives everyone a chance to dance and move with enough space.
Generally the classes run at around 12/14 attendees with some weekly fluctuation.

Included in the individual information on the classes are some suggestions on what would be best suited for you to wear. For all classes it is important that you feel comfortable and can move freely. Gym wear, leggings, t shirts are probably the best options. Shoes …
For your first lesson the best option is a thick pair of sports type socks to see how you get on, if you enjoy the class and want to keep coming then investing in ballet shoes is essential. Shoes can be ordered online and generally follow your normal shoes size, canvas ones are the best and those described as split sole better for helping the flexibility of the foot.
Dancewear Central

Dance Classes

The same applies as above in terms of clothing, footwear can be trainers, Jazz trainers, Dance trainers, Jazz Shoes etc all of which can be be bought from Sports or dance-wear shops. It really is what you can move easily and comfortably in and what is best for your feet and ankles in terms of support.I am happy to advise on any more details.

G B Dancewear
Coming soon! Branded dance and exercise wear for you all – watch out for details and the launch!

Booking -I use the bookwhen system the link is on the “book now” tab. All attendees must book to secure their place in class, no payment is made at this point, please select offline payment. You will see information on the venue, what to wear and more as you book. Classes can be booked weeks in advance and can be cancelled if your circumstances change. Please make your bookings at the minimum 24 hours before your class.
Classes can be paid for in class in cash or prior to class by bank transfer. I ask that all transfers are paid by 9 am on the day of the class. Should the class be cancelled by myself or the venue then a refund or credit will be given.

Exercising and enjoying exercise can often be two different things. I know from my experience personally and as a teacher that you will only commit to something if you look forward to doing it and it feels like your “thing”
My ethos is this… I am passionate about dance as an exercise and I am fully aware of the multiple benefits it brings both mentally and physically. It improves balance, flexibility, supports cognitive development, its toning but most of all its FUN!
In class my sole purpose is to lead and guide you through the exercises but to do that in a way that you understand, I will include all of the groups recognising different abilities and learning styles with the emphasis on encouragement.
We have fun, we laugh, we sweat and above all we exercise – the benefits for your health and mood will carry you through the week long after you have finished the class. Come along and try … it think you will love it !

Why Dance is a great exercise option?
As a form of expression, dance is uniquely placed to respond to a wide range of health and social issues.  Dance combines physical activity with the engagement of the creative spirit, and encourages emotional and artistic expression in individuals, as well as connecting people socially.
There is evidence to suggest that participating in any dance form contributes to a positive state of health and well being.
Regular dance activity can help maintain cognitive function, reduce cardiovascular risk and reduce the risk of falls. Regular dance sessions can provide a way for people to be active, have fun and also engage socially with others; it can be crucial to maintaining mental wellbeing in older people too.

1. Physical wellbeing
Work on posture and coordinated movement provides everyone with improved stance and mental agility. The basis of all dance is that you are in tune with your body and consider the way you are moving this in itself is a form of entering and self understanding.

2. Mental wellbeing
Dancing with others is an enjoyable, social activity that releases endorphins which in turn promote satisfaction, euphoria and pain tolerance. In short it is a positive mood booster. Not only that it works your memory and serves as a whole brain exercise.

3. Social and community development
Participating in a dance class that requires couple work will always develop social engagement and cooperation. The benefits of meeting with others and participation in a fun and physical activity is a known promoter of positive well being.

4. Self expression and creativity
The freedom and expression that people find through dance is a release in a fast paced world. The opportunity to boost your mood and be truly you is a given when you are dancing alone or in groups.

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    Ginnette makes all of the moves really easy to understand, I feel fitter, I have lost weight and I’ve made friends, can’t recommend highly enough!


    I wasn’t sure that dance classes were for me, but I was encouraged to go by a friend and I needn’t have worried, thoroughly enjoyable and although there are a range of abilities, you can go at your own pace, which is good for me!


    Buzzing, just buzzing, thank you Ginnette, I will recommend you to all of my friends, can’t wait to come back and see you again next week, keep dancing!


    “Ginnette is an amazing teacher, I was a complete newbie to dancing, but now I can’t live without it!.”

    “Ginnette is an amazing teacher, I was a complete newbie to dancing, but now I can’t live without it!.”

    Join us now and improve your physical and mental wellbeing, make new friends, laugh and raise your spirts, the power of dance cannot be overstated. Enjoy!