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Hi, I’m Ginnette Brookes, a dance teacher with more than 20 years experience, lets get moving


Silver Swans

Ballet for over 55’s

Specially designed for older learners, Silver Swans® ballet classes will help
improve your mobility, posture, co-ordination and energy levels.

Improve your dance-life balance!
Research shows that 75% of the factors affecting quality of life and longevity are related to lifestyle, while only 25% are hereditary. This means that there’s no excuse for not getting more active whatever your age. And dance in particular, can play a vital role in ensuring a longer and better quality of life.
Research also often puts dance ahead of other physical activities in the variety of health benefits that it brings. Ballet and dance are also very social activities and Silver Swans classes can be great places to meet new people with a passion and joy for life.

Registered by the Royal Academy of Dance these are ballet classes for the older learner. If you are 55 years or above and have ether always longed to do ballet or did ballet previously and want to re kindle that love of dance then this class is for you.
As a licensed practitioner I will take you through simple but graceful exercises at the barre and in the centre. The joy and artistry of ballet is something that has a special place in many peoples hearts and brings with it a new lease of life.

Silver Swans is protected by intellectual copyright, ”RAD” and “Silver Swans” are trademarks of Royal Academy of Dance registered in the United Kingdom and other countries.

Monday 11am
Narborough Parish Centre
Desford Road
LE19 2EL
1 hour £8

Friday 11.15am
Age UK
Clarence House
1 hour £7
Silver Swans Fact Sheet

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    Ginnette makes all of the moves really easy to understand, I feel fitter, I have lost weight and I’ve made friends, can’t recommend highly enough!


    I wasn’t sure that dance classes were for me, but I was encouraged to go by a friend and I needn’t have worried, thoroughly enjoyable and although there are a range of abilities, you can go at your own pace, which is good for me!


    Buzzing, just buzzing, thank you Ginnette, I will recommend you to all of my friends, can’t wait to come back and see you again next week, keep dancing!


    “Ginnette is an amazing teacher, I was a complete newbie to dancing, but now I can’t live without it!.”

    “Ginnette is an amazing teacher, I was a complete newbie to dancing, but now I can’t live without it!.”

    Join us now and improve your physical and mental wellbeing, make new friends, laugh and raise your spirts, the power of dance cannot be overstated. Enjoy!